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Workplace Wellness and Productivity

CogWell™ Services: Your Mind at Work

When it comes to productivity, we know that healthy work, healthy workers, and healthy workplaces are essential. You’re counting steps in a day and tracking time asleep; having your blood pressure checked regularly and monitoring body weight; using that elevating desk, head-set, and adjustable monitor; lifting weights when you can and engaging your core – all to maximize healthy working and to keep fit for the physical duties of the job. These and other strategies in the workplace are a great start, but what are you doing for your brain? How are you maximizing your cognitive fitness for the mental duties of work?

At Complex Injury Rehab (CIR), our team of skilled professionals have collaborated to create CogWell™ Services, a stream of vocationally-focused consultation and treatment solutions specifically tailored to promote individual and organizational goals for sustainable brain health, mental wellness, engagement, and productivity. Founded by Occupational Therapists in 2008, CIR’s core philosophy is that health in any occupation is dynamic and is achieved through coherence between variables in the person, the activity, and the environment. Extending this philosophy to our practice in work, worker, and workplaces, CIR’s team of CogWell™ professionals combine innovative technology with clinical expertise in brain, spine and mental health, to offer a comprehensive range of services – deliverable when and where they are needed - for the highest cost-effective impact:

Health Management & Disability Prevention:

  • Brain-Booster Seminars
  • Brain/Heart Fitness Coaching – Individual and/or Group
  • Cognitive Screening & Monitoring
  • Customized On-Site CogWellTM Programs – Individual, Group, and/or Organizational
  • Pre-Employment Functional Screening
  • Health & Safety Training & Consulting Sessions
  • Ergonomics and Risk Assessments – Comprehensive or Focused
  • Workplace Ability Management Services – Consultation & Coaching

Early Response Services:

  • CogWell™ Work Recovery Programs – Individualized Assessment and Treatment (supporting recovery at work, where appropriate)
  • Rehabilitation Needs Assessment, Treatment Planning, & Return to Work Consulting (for community rehabilitation and timely, sustainable return to work)
  • Active Rehabilitation Programming – Cognitive, Physical, & Psychosocial
  • Job Demands Analysis – Comprehensive/Focused

Vocational Consulting and Disability Management Services:

Our team of CogWell™ professionals are also pleased to offer a range of disability management services to promote timely access to treatment and vocational planning/decision-making, including:

  • Rehabilitation Needs Assessment, Treatment, and Consulting Services
  • Functional Abilities Evaluation – Comprehensive/Focused
  • Community Activation & Rehabilitation Programs
  • Vocational Evaluation and Planning Services – Own Occupation/Any Occupation/Avocational
  • Medical-Legal Employability Consultation

Call us now for a free consultation and learn more about how our services can support your specific workplace needs and productivity goals:
CogWell™ – Your Mind at Work.

We are an experienced team dedicated to maximizing your potential for brain, spine and mental health.

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