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Seniors Services

Taking a case management approach to seniors care, our Occupational Therapists work with seniors and their families to navigate the health care system and explore resources within your community that can aid in maximizing your quality of life. We work with individuals within their home environment and can provide strategies and intervention to help people stay at home longer.

Our team is experienced in the therapies that develop physical resiliency and brain health. Individuals benefit from technology and therapy to assess and address the physical, emotional and cognitive challenges that develop as we age. Building a resilient body and brain can support you to live a full life of activity throughout your senior years.

Services include:

  • In-Home assessment
  • Home Safety consultation
  • Universal Design and home accessibility consultation
  • Health & Wellness programming
  • Assistive device prescription and implementation
  • Assistive technology prescription and implementation
  • Mobility assessments
  • Assistance with exploring local resources and system navigation
  • Cognitive assessment and treatment
  • In-clinic groups including Stroke Recovery Group and Brain Fitness Group

We are an experienced team dedicated to maximizing your potential for brain, spine and mental health.

Phone: 647-725-2633