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Complex Injury Rehab Sponsors Comedy for a Cause

Please join us for an evening of laughter and smiles in support of the Brain Injury Society of Toronto and the Brain Injury Association of York Region. Both organizations have spent years supporting survivors and their families.

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Mindfulness Workshop-May 26th

Please join us for an opportunity to work with Michelle Jacob, our mindfulness and stress management Occupational Therapist. Explore natural and evidence-based scientific techniques to:

  • Decrease your stress levels
  • Reduce your anxiety & anger responses to daily stressors
  • Increase your enjoyment of your day to day life

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MyndCraft Summer Day Camp

MyndCraft is a 5-day summer day camp that will focus on providing 11-13-year-olds with the necessary tools and strategies to help overcome the daily stresses and social pressures that come with attending school, keeping healthy relationships with friends and family, and just growing up!

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